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Okay, I'm not really a princess but it's definitely a close call. This blog is a product of love. Everybody should know about the cool things in life and sometimes also about the not-so-cool.

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's About Time...

While some might argue that the electronica scene in Los Angeles is limited to silicon-breast-donning women and men without shirts partying at the various festivals going on during the year, it is also safe to mention that it goes a little beyond raves and house parties. There’s always Avalon and Giant @ Vanguard and an occasional night dedicated to this genre at several nightclubs throughout town where all kinds of people gather to dance.

I’ve been to Vanguard several times and now it’s time to say something about it: I love it. I love the people in crazy outfits, I like the sweaty mass moving in unison, I like the electro-fetishists, the women who are showing too much, the men who are shamelessly looking too bluntly and above all, I love the DJs.

I was there on Saturday to celebrate P’s Bday. There was a hat party going on, Richard Vission spinning and the VIP was being re-opened after a remodel. Fun times, fun crowd, fun me… Yay!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two times two – One here, one there.

First Pair – Seattle's Got Good Seafood

I had a chance to visit the land of the Space Needle twice this year. It's a lovely town; I did the Underground Tour, the Duck Tour, some open market shopping and good eating.

On both visits, very late into the night (or very early morning, depending on your perspective), I ended up at 13 Coins Restaurant, an upscale restaurant, open 24 hours all year, that serves American cuisine. The first time I was there, we sat at the lounge area where a band was playing blues and jazz and I had a fabulous seafood omelet, so full of flavor I ordered it on my second visit too. Perfect!

Another great place was Chinook's at Salmon Bay, it has a beautiful view of the bay, fresh fish, good seasonings, decent prices and I can't even remember what I ate but I know it was good, so if you're ever in Seattle and you like seafood just go and order anything, I'm sure it'll be amazing!

Second Pair – Los Angeles: Freaks & BBQ

First off, I ♥ crazy, freaky people. Oh yeah baby, spank me! Some of the girls and I visited Miss Kitty’s Parlour for their re-opening. I was told it would be wild, cheeky fun and it was.

“When we recently stopped by, the cover charge was collected by a tall, shirtless man wearing a clown nose, a mohawk and the letters "XXX" scribbled on his chest. We knew we were in for a treat. LA's self-proclaimed "sexiest and most shocking dance party," Miss Kitty's Erotic Diskotek and Cabaret does not disappoint. Scantily clad male and female go-go dancers writhe to electro, indie tech and 80s while the packed crowd shows off couture creations like a hedonistic Heidi and a naughty Raggedy Ann. The Grande Dame of the party, Miss Kitty, brings lurid fantasies to life with weekly stage shows that have featured female mud wrestling, kinky circus acts and a surprise striptease by Dita Von Teese. (More private fantasies are indulged behind the velvet curtains of the booths and lounges.) Since opening in 2001, the party is still going strong for both the adventurous and the curious.” —Enid Portuguez (

Then we have a BBQ Festival by the Ocean – The people of Drink, Eat, Play, who were responsible for all the fabulousness taking place at the 80’s Prom Party and the Cupcake Challenge took up the task of smothering LA with BBQ sauce. They gathered the best pit masters from all around and served succulent BBQ, beer, yummy sides and entertainment (cover bands with style). Although the lines for food were a bit long, it was well worth my wait and perfect for a Saturday afternoon…Give me more ribs, I want them now!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rock Bands, Humor & A One Night Stand

I ♥ Tandemoro - There's a small space close to Downtown Los Angeles called Pehrspace, it serves as an art gallery and intimate music venue for LA artists. Tandemoro played a set here a couple of weeks back with 3 other bands (Thailand, Kissing Cousins and another one)... Well, let me tell you, they went on last, rocked my world for 30 minutes and made me fall deeper, more, too much, in love with them... ♪I don't care about the diamonds♫

Eddie Izzard - I had seen him on HBO and when Summer invited me to see him live at the Kodak Theater I couldn't say no. The night of the show, Summer also introduced me to Mr. Tequila Sunrise. The bartender at the Kodak was very generous and poured tequila into my glass happily. I sipped on my very strong drink and laughed to the point of stomach pain. That man is hilarious.

My first one-night-stand! There's something called the Motel Art Series, basically a bunch of artists book rooms at a Motel and they turn their room into a small art gallery to show their works. It was a lot of fun to walk around and see all the different styles and people.

Unfortunately, the art gets lost with so much going on and the rooms, with beds and all don't serve as a good space for appreciating each piece at full length... But hey, that's just my opinion, try to catch one and make your own, yeah!

... And yes my darlings, I'm back to blogging about my fabulous adventures...

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Ones That Shake Your Booty

Last night was the official Grand (re)Opening of 86 and Silvana and I were lucky to have our adorable Afro Abe offer us an invite! Located underground, beneath the historic Hillview Apartments in Hollywood, this little (yet spacious) joint is amazing. Love at first sight for me. Great DJ, decadent decor and lovely patrons - weak drinks though, what a shame.

A word from

"Designed to give diners and partygoers an authentic old Hollywood feel, the entrance is below street level and some elements of the art-deco décor are authentic replications of the original speakeasy. Because the space is so cozy, the stage performers often mix with the crowd on the dancefloor, making it hard to discern who is there for work and who is there for play. When the intimate space gets too hot to handle, rest easy, this speakeasy has a convenient indoor smoking hallway located behind the DJ booth."

It's going to be Hollywood's next hot spot. I'm putting my money on it! Oh, and rtheir supposed to feature burlesque shows, I can't wait for that!

Year 2

This song came out when I was 2, he was 28 then, my age today. It was one of his all time favorites and one of my favorites now.

Cheers to a great man!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Happy Places

In the last two weeks, I've visited a bunch of old favorites like Olé where Meli, V, C and I ordered Sangria and tapas and talked about all the random things that people who have drank too much sangria talk about, Big Wangs , where SIZE MATTERS and Chadaka Thai, where I've fallen in love with their yellow curry chicken.

There have been some new places also...

One night was dedicated to Cat & Fiddle, for an Angeleno that loves exploring, I had never been to this place and I found it to be charming. It's a pub that doesn't feel like a pub, located in Hollywood across the street from a busy happening nightclub, it's a mellow place, a patio lined by trees with an indoor fireplace and friendly staff.

Another fabulous finding was Cliffs Edge, located in trendy Silver Lake, slightly hidden from the world and completely fascinating. When Lore and I arrived, our jaws dropped at the view, I think there's seating inside but upon entering, you're greeted by a garden patio sitting under a giant ficus tree. We ordered Polenta topped with mushrooms and fresh shaved parmesan cheese and their special lobster and crab ravioli. Every bite, every taste, every minute there was delicious.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Here's To A New Start

To make up for the many posts I didn't deliver between December and now, I decided to put Start with a post featuring a couple of places. It’s a start.

It's a long time range for my memory to recall exact dates and many details so you'll get exactly what stuck to my mind, in no particular chronological order and possibly with enhancements produced by my vivid imagination and bias.

In San Diego – Tin Fish Gaslamp

Excellent, crisp, oversized fish tacos served with a side of thick, also crisp, seasoned fries, conveniently located across the street from the Convention Center and Petco Stadium. They serve beer to go along (if you wish) with their affordable fare and hearty chowders for the extra hungry.

In Los Angeles – E3rd Steakhouse

By the owner/creator of Zip Fusion, located in Downtown’s Art District, this lounge/restaurant features Japanese Fusion cuisine, focused on steaks. I’m not much of a red meats person but the Sizzling Beef was succulent and tangy. My handsome date and I shared a Snow Crab Seaweed Tower (appetizer) which consists of chunks of Alaskan snow crab over seaweed salad lightly drizzled with miso vinaigrette. .. I’ve been craving that recently, so good, the tasteful memory still lingers in my head.

(Reservations suggested)

In Los Angeles - Vermont Restaurant

During Dine Week – Los Angeles, my friend E and I decided to take advantage of the prix fixe menu and check out this Los Feliz spot. The regular menu is mostly American with a few seasonal and European additions. I ordered Paella and my friend ordered a Duck over Risotto, both dished steaming with flavor and texture. I expected the service to be uptight but our server was friendly and helpful.

(Reservations suggested)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Song Of The Day

A post is coming... It really is!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Poor Abandoned Blog

I didn’t realize how many people read this blog until I stopped posting and friends started asking what was up with that. My inbox received multiple emails inquiring about my well being and asking for posts. Some messages contained questions such as: “Have you not visited any new places?”, “Are you ill?” and “What’s wrong with your life as a princess?”

My life is fine. I have been incredibly busy at work and I’ve discovered an awesome place in cyberspace that takes much of my blogging time away. Unacceptable, I know.

I’m back, I have some sharables.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your support. Thank you for sticking around!

For now, I leave you with this song... Emjoy!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

You'd Lick Your Fingers If You Were Using Your Hands

Nakkara on Beverly announced their Grand Opening about a month ago! There’s a new flavor in town, and that is the flavor of Thai food on Beverly Boulevard.

Nakkara on Beverly serves up Thai inspired cuisine in a dimly-lit locale with Asian accents and cozy surroundings. The establishment is suited for groups as well as couples but the true beauty takes place when the food is presented to you. Flawless presentation and balanced portions carry exquisite flavors achieved by the mix of fresh ingredients (purchased from farmer markets daily) and authentic imports in a skillful manner.

The menu features an ample selection of appetizers, categorized by cooking method, following that, there’s plenty to choose from in regards to noodles, salads and entrees. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable, there to make your experience great. Their seafood creations are delightful and master a suitable level for spices and their delivery. There’s pretty much something for every palate.

I’ll be going back for more!